Frases do “Scrum and the Perfect Storm”

Motivado pelo treinameto de Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), estava lendo o artigo Scrum and the Perfect Storm do site Control Chaos e separei umas frases que achei interessante.

Ao invés de twittá-las individulamente, resolvi postar aqui mesmo.

The corporate world is a chaotic world, and the number of things that can distract a team and knock it off course are almost innumerable.

The primary purpose of Scrum is to help teams to focus on their objectives and to help them avoid getting thrown off track by other less important concerns.

Common sense, simple practices, and paying attention yield tremendous benefits.

In our industry, we tend to rely on the complicated, the aggregated, the sophisticated, the hard-to-do and intellectually challenging. Sometimes we have to make an effort to keep things simple.

The simplest solution is usually the best solution

Scrum is in essence no more than a collection of reasonable practices that are woven together with a few rules, a couple of expressions, and a good dose of common sense.

Checking “Project Dashboards,” reading status reports, and attending weekly review meetings are all mere substitutes for real involvement in project.

The best way to begin implementing Scrum is to establish daily Scrum status meetings.

Scrum makes clear to all team members what the project’s goals are and what their individual goals within the context of the project are. Another benefit of transparency is the degree to which it reduces the amount of time wasted on politics.

Scientists and engineers are by nature solitary creatures: though willing to be social, they would prefer to stick to themselves.

Scrum humanizes product development by introducing regular communication of successes and failures and by helping teams of people commit to shared goals.


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